Uses for Self-Running PowerPoint 2007 Presentations

By Peter Weverka

Self-running, kiosk-style PowerPoint presentations usually fall into the show and tell category. These PowerPoint presentations can’t go into very much depth because, without a narrator, all descriptions must be done on the slides, and slides don’t have any room for lengthy descriptions. Usually, a self-running presentation is no more than a dozen slides long because people can’t sit through more than a dozen slides unless a speaker is there to explain each one.

A self-running, kiosk-style presentation is ideal under these circumstances:

  • Product demonstration: A product demonstration in pictures and words makes for a good self-running presentation. Hit the highlights of the product and show it off in a good light. Try to pique viewers’ interest so that they inquire about the product.

  • Information booth: A short, five- or six-slide presentation describing, for example, what is being offered at a seminar or conference makes for a good self-running presentation. People arriving at the seminar or conference can find out what is scheduled without bothering the staff.

  • Advertisement: As long as the audience is captive (it can’t run away), short PowerPoint presentations can serve as advertisements. When the audience is trapped in a waiting room or cashier’s line, you can make it watch a self-running PowerPoint advertising presentation.