Use PowerPoint 2007 Notes - dummies

By Doug Lowe

PowerPoint Notes are like an adjunct attachment to your slides. They don’t appear on the PowerPoint slides themselves. Each slide in your PowerPoint presentation has its own page of notes that is displayed separately. Notes are usually hidden at the bottom of the screen in a tiny PowerPoint Notes pane. To work with notes, you must first enlarge the Notes pane to give yourself room to work.

PowerPoint also has a separate view designed for working with notes pages, called Notes Page View. To open Notes Page View, choose the View tab on the Ribbon and then click the Notes Page button found in the Presentation Views group. Each notes page consists of a reduced version of the slide and an area for notes.

Zoom in to see your notes.
Zoom in to see your notes.

No keyboard shortcut is available to switch directly to Notes Page View. The only way to get to Notes Page View is to use the Ribbon’s Notes Page button.