Use Cut, Copy, and Paste in PowerPoint 2007 - dummies

Use Cut, Copy, and Paste in PowerPoint 2007

By Doug Lowe

PowerPoint 2007 uses the standard Cut, Copy, and Paste commands. These commands work on selected text, or a selected object. The Cut and Copy commands add stuff to the Clipboard, and the Paste command copies stuff from the Clipboard to your presentation.

The Ribbon buttons for working with the Clipboard are found in the Clipboard group of the Home tab. Three of the four buttons in this section are for working with the Clipboard:


The Paste button includes a drop-down arrow. If you click the Clipboard icon, the object you most recently cut or copied is pasted. If you click the arrow, a menu with additional paste options appears.


The PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts for Cut, Copy, and Paste are the same as they are for other Windows programs: Ctrl+X for Cut, Ctrl+C for Copy, and Ctrl+V for Paste.

You can use the Copy and Paste commands to duplicate information. If you want to repeat an entire sentence, copy the sentence to the Clipboard, place the insertion point where you want the sentence duplicated, and then use the Paste command. Or if you want to create a slide that has five identical rectangles on it, start by drawing one rectangle. Then copy the rectangle to the Clipboard and paste it to the slide four times.

To duplicate an object is hold down the Ctrl key, click, and then drag the object to a new location on the slide. After you release the mouse button, a duplicate copy of the object is created.