Text Autofit in PowerPoint 2013 - dummies

By Faithe Wempen

In PowerPoint, if you type more text than will fit in the text box (an especially common occurrence for a slide title), the text automatically shrinks as much as is needed to allow it to fit. This feature, called Autofit, is turned on by default in text placeholders. Autofit is very useful because it prevents text from being truncated.

In manually placed text boxes, a different Autofit behavior occurs by default: The text box itself gets larger as needed to accommodate the text.

Both of those behaviors can be very useful, but you may sometimes need to change the Autofit setting for one or more text boxes to achieve certain effects. For example, you may not want a manually placed text box to shrink if you delete some text from it, or it might be unacceptable to you for the font size used in the title of one slide to be different from that of another.

In this exercise, you change the Autofit setting for a text box.

  1. On your slide, select a text box.

  2. Try to enlarge the height of the text box by dragging its bottom selection handle downward.

    It doesn’t resize.

  3. Right-click the border of the text box and click Size and Position.

    The Format Shape task pane opens.

  4. Expand the Text Box heading in the task pane to see its controls.

    Text box options appear.

  5. Notice the current Autofit setting: Resize Shape to Fit Text.

    This is the reason the text box shrinks and grows depending on the text in it.

  6. Select the Do Not Autofit option.

    See this figure.


  7. Close the task pane.

  8. Drag the bottom selection handle on the text box downward to increase its height by about 1/4dp.

    Use the vertical ruler to gauge the height. Notice that now the height is resizable.

    For more practice, try typing more text into one of the slides’ title boxes than will fit and watch how it shrinks. Then change the text box’s Autofit setting to Do Not Autofit and see how it changes how PowerPoint handles the text. Then change the setting to Resize Shape to Fit Text and see what happens.

  9. Save and close the presentation and exit PowerPoint.