Switch Rows and Columns in a PowerPoint 2007 Chart

By Doug Lowe

The first control in the PowerPoint Data group is called Switch Row/Column. It changes the orientation of your PowerPoint chart in a way that can be difficult to describe but easy to visualize. Look at this chart.


It is based on the following data:

River City Pixley Hooterville
Instruments 20.4 50.6 45.9
Music 27.4 38.6 46.9
Uniforms 90 34.6 45

The rows are used to determine the data categories. Thus, the chart displays the data for Instruments, Music, and Uniforms along the horizontal axis.

If you click the Switch Row/Column button, the chart changes. Here, the chart categorizes the data by city, so sales for River City, Pixley, and Hooterville are shown along the horizontal axis.

Swap the row/column orientation of a chart.
Swap the row/column orientation of a chart.