Start, Pause, and Resume a Sound File in a PowerPoint 2007 Presentation

By Peter Weverka

While a sound file is playing during a PowerPoint presentation, you can pause and resume playing it as long as

  • The Sound icon appears on your PowerPoint slide. If you’ve hidden the Sound icon, you’re out of luck, because you have to click the Sound icon to pause playing a sound file.

  • You told PowerPoint that you want to be able to stop, pause, and resume the sound file during presentations.

Follow these steps to tell PowerPoint that you want to be able to pause and resume a sound file:

  1. Go to the slide where the sound file is located.

  2. Click the Animations tab.

  3. In the Custom Animation task pane, select the sound file that you want to pause and resume.

  4. Click the Change button (it’s located at the top of the task pane), choose Sound Actions on the drop-down menu that appears, and choose Pause on the submenu. The Pause icon rather than the Play icon appears next to the name of your sound file in the task pane.

Follow these instructions to start, pause, and resume a sound file during a presentation:

  • Starting a sound file: Click the Sound icon.

  • Pausing and resuming a sound file: Click the Sound icon to pause. To resume playing, click the Sound icon again.

Be careful to click the Sound icon and not another part of your slide when you start, pause, or resume playing a sound file. Clicking another part of the slide advances your presentation to the next slide.