Start and Pause a Video during a PowerPoint 2007 Presentation

By Peter Weverka

You might want to control when your PowerPoint presentation starts and then pauses. Imagine: Your PowerPoint slide with the video arrives on-screen. Only the sounds of people munching popcorn and scraping jujubes from their teeth is heard. Everyone is anxious and ready. How do you control when the your PowerPoint video starts and how do you pause or stop playing a video?

  • Start a video: A video either plays automatically when the slide displays, plays a few seconds after the slide appears on-screen, or plays when you click it.

  • Pause a video: Click a video to pause it. To resume playing, click the video again.

Be sure to click the video image, not another part of the slide, to pause a video. Clicking another part of the slide tells PowerPoint to advance to the next slide in the presentation.