Select Text in PowerPoint 2007 - dummies

Select Text in PowerPoint 2007

By Doug Lowe

Editing text in PowerPoint 2007 requires that you first select the text. The following list shows methods for selecting blocks of text on a PowerPoint slide:

  • Use the keyboard: Hold down the Shift key while you press any of the arrow keys to move the insertion point.

  • Use the mouse: Point to the beginning of the text that you want to edit and then click and drag over the text. Release the mouse button when you reach the end of the text that you want to select.

PowerPoint has an automatic word-selection option that tries to guess when you intend to select an entire word. If you use the mouse to select a block of text that spans the space between two words, the selected text jumps to include entire words. You can disable this feature by clicking the PowerPoint Options button on the Office menu. Click the Advanced tab and then deselect the When Selecting, Automatically Select Entire Word check box.

You can use the following tricks to select different amounts of text:

  • A single word: To select a single word, point the insertion point anywhere in the word and double-click.

  • An entire paragraph: To select an entire paragraph, point the insertion point anywhere in the paragraph and triple-click.

After you have selected text, you can edit it in the following ways:

  • Delete text: To delete the entire block of text that you’ve selected, press Delete or Backspace.

  • Replace text: To replace an entire block of text, select it and then begin typing. The selected block vanishes and is replaced by the text that you’re typing.

  • Cut, Copy, and Paste: You can use the Cut, Copy, and Paste commands from the Clipboard group with selected text blocks. The following section describes these commands.