Select PowerPoint 2007 Objects - dummies

Select PowerPoint 2007 Objects

By Doug Lowe

Before you can edit a PowerPoint 2007 object on a slide, you have to select it. In PowerPoint presentations, objects can be text, graphics, clipart, shapes and so on.

Here are some guidelines for selecting PowerPoint 2007 objects:

  • Text objects: To select a PowerPoint 2007 text object, move the insertion point over the text that you want to edit and then click. A rectangular box appears around the object, and a text insertion point appears so that you can start typing.

  • Non-text objects: Click a PowerPoint 2007 object to select it. After the rectangular box appears around the object, you can drag it around the screen or change its size, but you can’t edit it.

  • Click and drag: To select multiple PowerPoint 2007 objects use the insertion point to drag a rectangle around the objects to select. Point to a location above and to the left of the object(s) that you want to select, and then click and drag the mouse down and to the right until the rectangle surrounds the objects. When you release the button, all the objects within the rectangle are selected.

  • The Tab key: Press Tab once to select the first object on your PowerPoint 2007 slide. Press Tab again to select the next object. Keep pressing Tab until the object that you want is selected. Pressing Tab to select PowerPoint 2007 objects is handy when you can’t point to the object you want to select because the object is buried underneath another object or is empty.

  • The Ctrl key: Select multiple PowerPoint 2007 objects by selecting the first object and holding down the Ctrl key while clicking to select additional objects.