Select and Edit PowerPoint 2007 Slides

By Doug Lowe

When you work with the PowerPoint Outline tab, select an entire PowerPoint slide, and click the icon for the slide. This selects the PowerPoint slide title and all its body text. Any extra objects, such as graphics, on the slide are also selected even though those objects don’t appear in the outline.

You can delete, cut, copy, or duplicate an entire slide:

  • Delete: To delete an entire slide, select it and press Delete.

  • Cut or copy: To cut or copy an entire slide to the Clipboard, select the slide and then press Ctrl+X (Cut) or Ctrl+C (Copy), or use the Cut or Copy buttons on the Home tab on the Ribbon. Move the cursor inside the outline and press Ctrl+V or use the Paste button to paste the slide from the Clipboard. (You can also cut or copy a slide by right-clicking the slide and choosing Cut or Copy from the menu that appears.)

  • Duplicate: To duplicate a slide, select it and then press Ctrl+D. This step places a copy of the selected slide immediately after it.

You can select and edit any paragraph along with all its subordinate paragraphs by clicking the bullet next to the paragraph you want to select. To delete a paragraph along with its subordinate paragraphs, select it and then press Delete.

To cut or copy an entire paragraph to the Clipboard along with its subordinates, select it and then press Ctrl+X (Cut) or Ctrl+C (Copy). You can then press Ctrl+V to paste the paragraph anywhere in the presentation.