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Quick Tips for Formatting in PowerPoint 2013

By Faithe Wempen

Formatting can dramatically increase a presentation’s effectiveness and impact. In PowerPoint, you can use themes to apply preset formatting to the entire presentation at once, or you can format individual elements. Here are some quick tips for formatting in PowerPoint 2013:

  • A theme is a design set that you apply to a presentation to change several elements at once, including background, color scheme, fonts, and the positions of placeholders in the various layouts.

  • To change the theme, click the Design tab, click the More button in the Themes group, and select a theme.

  • To apply different colors, choose Design→Theme Colors. To apply different fonts, choose Design→Theme Fonts.

  • You can apply shape styles to apply presets that include background fill, border, and effects all at once. Choose from the Shape Styles gallery on the Drawing Tools Format tab.

  • To format a text box’s fill, choose Drawing Tools Format→Shape Fill. To format a text box’s border, choose Drawing Tools Format→Shape Outline.

  • To apply effects such as shadow, glow, or bevel, choose Drawing Tools Format→Shape Effects.

  • You can change a text box’s Autofit setting to determine what happens when there’s more text than will fit in the box at its current size. To do so, right-click the text box and choose Format Shape, click Text Box, and choose an Autofit setting in the dialog box.

  • You can insert graphics via the placeholders on a slide’s layout or via the Insert tab’s buttons for inserting various types of content.

  • To insert imagines from Office.com, click the Online Pictures placeholder icon or click Online Pictures on the Insert tab.

  • To insert a picture from a file, click the Picture placeholder icon or click the Pictures icon on the Insert tab.

  • You can convert existing text to SmartArt by clicking Home, Convert to SmartArt Graphic.

  • To insert a new SmartArt graphic, click Insert, SmartArt or click the Insert SmartArt icon on a content placeholder.

  • The SmartArt Tools Design tab provides options for changing the graphic type, style, and colors.

  • You can format individual elements of a graphic from the SmartArt Tools Format tab.