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PowerPoint 2007 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

From PowerPoint 2007 For Dummies

By Doug Lowe

Using Microsoft’s PowerPoint 2007 to create a presentation starts with getting to know the PowerPoint window and where to find common commands in this updated version. Using the quick keystroke combinations for frequently used commands and the slide show shortcuts will move you easily through PowerPoint.

The PowerPoint 2007 Window

When you start PowerPoint 2007, you might be overwhelmed by all the buttons surrounding the blank center screen. Important parts of the PowerPoint 2007 screen appear below to help you get a better understanding of the window:


PowerPoint 2007 Slide Show Shortcuts

During an on-screen slide show in PowerPoint 2007, try these keyboard shortcuts for some common commands and ease through your presentation. Just click to control your slide show in PowerPoint.

To Do This . . . Use This . . .
Start a slide show F5
Advance to the next slide N
Perform the next animation Enter, Page Down, right arrow, down arrow, or spacebar
Go back to the previous slide P
Repeat the previous animation Page Up, left arrow, up arrow, or Backspace
Go to a specific slide Type the slide number and then press Enter
Display a black screen B
Display a white screen W
End a slide show Esc
Go to the next hidden slide H
Display a pen cursor Ctrl+P
Display an arrow cursor Ctrl+A
Hide the cursor Ctrl+H

Finding Familiar Features in PowerPoint 2007

Even if you’re a PowerPoint veteran, you may occasionally have trouble finding features in the 2007 version. Find common commands in PowerPoint 2007 with help from this handy chart:

PowerPoint 2003 Command Equivalent PowerPoint 2007 Command
File->New Office Button->New
File->Save Office Button->Save
File->Package for CD Office Button->Publish->Package for CD
File->Page Setup Design tab, Page Setup group,
Edit->Undo Quick Access toolbar->Undo
View->Master->Slide Master View tab, Presentation Views group, Slide Master
Insert->Slide Home tab, Slides group, Add Slide
Insert->Picture->Clip Art Insert tab, Illustrations group, Clip Art
Insert->Picture->From File Insert tab, Illustrations group, Picture
Format->Font Home tab, Font group,
Format->Paragraph Home tab, Paragraph group,
Slide Show->Slide Transition Animations tab, Transition to This Slide group
Slide Show->Custom Animation Animations tab, Animations group, Custom Animation

Basic Commands in PowerPoint 2007

Use keyboard shortcuts in PowerPoint 2007 to save time. Whether you’re formatting, editing, or just using common commands in PowerPoint 7, this list will show you the command and keystroke combination to get the job done.

Commonly Used Commands
Command Keys
New Ctrl+N
Open Ctrl+O
Save Ctrl+S
Print Ctrl+P
Help F1
New Slide Ctrl+M
Editing Commands
Command Keys
Undo Ctrl+Z
Cut Ctrl+X
Copy Ctrl+C
Paste Ctrl+V
Select All Ctrl+A
Find Ctrl+F
Replace Ctrl+H
Duplicate Ctrl+D
Formatting Commands
Command Keys
Bold Ctrl+B
Italic Ctrl+I
Underline Ctrl+U
Center Ctrl+E
Left Align Ctrl+L
Right Align Ctrl+R
Justify Ctrl+J
Normal Ctrl+spacebar