Paste a Chart from Excel into a PowerPoint 2007 Slide

By Doug Lowe

If you want to display Excel data in a PowerPoint chart, create the chart in Excel. Copy the chart, switch to PowerPoint, and paste the chart on the PowerPoint slide. When you do so, the chart appears in PowerPoint exactly as it did in Excel.

When you paste an Excel chart into PowerPoint, a smart tag appears next to the chart. You can click this smart tag to reveal a menu with the following choices:

  • Excel Chart (entire workbook): Creates a copy of the Excel data and stores it as a workbook object within your PowerPoint file. This severs the chart in the PowerPoint presentation from the original workbook, so any changes you make to the data in the original workbook are not reflected in the PowerPoint chart.

  • Chart (linked to Excel data): Copies the chart into the PowerPoint presentation but creates a link to the data in the original Excel workbook. Any changes you make to the data in the original Excel workbook will be reflected in the chart.

  • Paste as Picture: Converts the chart to a collection of PowerPoint shape objects, with no link to the original Excel chart or data.

  • Keep Source Formatting: Keeps the formatting you applied in the original Excel chart. Thus, the PowerPoint chart looks exactly like the Excel chart.

  • Use Destination Theme: Reformats the chart according to the presentation theme used in the PowerPoint presentation. You get a chart that is formatted consistently with the rest of your presentation.