Other Printing Options in PowerPoint 2007

By Doug Lowe

PowerPoint’s Print dialog box has several additional options near the bottom of it. When you print your PowerPoint presentation, these options in the Print dialog box let you control color, size and more. This list shows you what they do:


  • Color/Grayscale: This drop-down list lets you choose whether to print your slides in color, black and white, or with shades of gray.

  • Scale to Fit Paper: This option adjusts the size of the printed output to fit the paper in the printer. Leave this option deselected to avoid bizarre printing problems.

  • Frame Slides: This feature draws a thin border around the slides.

  • Print Comments and Ink Markup: If you’ve added comments to your slides, you can print the comments on separate pages by choosing this option. This option is grayed out if the presentation has no comments.

  • Print Hidden Slides: You can hide individual slides by clicking the Hide Slide button on the Slide Show tab. When a slide is hidden, it doesn’t print unless you select the Print Hidden Slides check box in the Print dialog box. This option is grayed out if the presentation has no hidden slides.