How to Set Up a Projector for a PowerPoint 2007 Presentation - dummies

How to Set Up a Projector for a PowerPoint 2007 Presentation

By Doug Lowe

It’s time to share your PowerPoint presentation with your audience. If you’re going to show your PowerPoint presentation using a computer projector and a laptop, you need to know how to connect the computer to your laptop, and how to set up the projector, turn it on, focus it, and so on. These details vary among projectors, so consult the projector manual. The following list provides a few general tips that might help:

  • Connecting the projector: Most laptops have an external video port on the back or side, and most projectors have a video input connection. A standard VGA or DVI (depending on the type of connector on the PC and the projector) cable works to connect the computer to the projector.

  • Activating the external video port: To use the laptop with a projector, activate the external video port. Some laptops have a key that you can press to accomplish this; others require that you change the display settings. If you can’t figure out how to make the switch, try right-clicking an empty area of the desktop and choosing Properties. This brings up a Properties dialog box. Click the Settings tab and then click Advanced and look for a setting to enable the external video port.

  • Resuming normal video: When your presentation is finished, switch your computer back to its normal video port setting before you disconnect the projector.

  • Selecting the projector’s video input: Most projectors accept input from more than one source. You might be able to connect a computer and a VCR to the projector. The projector should have some buttons or perhaps a menu that lets you select the input used to display the presentation.

  • Using the projector’s remote control: If you want to use the projector’s remote control to operate your presentation, you need the appropriate cable to connect the projector to your laptop’s mouse port or USB. The correct cable should come with the projector.

  • Using sound: If your presentation has sound, connect your computer’s sound outputs to a set of amplified speakers or a PA system. The correct cable depends on the PA system, but a cable with a mini-stereo plug on one end and a 1/4-inch plug on the other will probably do the trick.