How to Set Up a PowerPoint 2007 Slide Show - dummies

How to Set Up a PowerPoint 2007 Slide Show

By Doug Lowe

The default settings for showing a PowerPoint presentation are usually adequate. But PowerPoint gives you options that let you set up custom PowerPoint shows, advance slides manually, and more. With the presentation that you want to set up open, click Set Up Slide Show in the Set Up group. This summons the Set Up Show dialog box:


With the options on the Set Up Show dialog box, you can do the following:

  • Configure the presentation: Configure the presentation slide show type: Presented by a Speaker (Full Screen), Browsed by an Individual (Window), or Browsed at a Kiosk (Full Screen).

  • Loop through slides: Select the Loop Continuously until ‘Esc’ check box to run the show until you press Esc.

  • Simplify the presentation: Deselect the Show Without Narration and Show Without Animation options to skip narrations or animations.

  • Select pen color: Select the color to use for the pen.

  • Select slides: In the Show Slides area, select All to include all slides or choose From and supply starting and ending slide numbers to display only selected slides.

  • Set up custom shows: Choose Custom Show if you have any custom shows within your presentation.

  • Choose to change slides manually: Choose Manually to advance from slide to slide by pressing Enter or clicking. To set the show to proceed automatically, select the Using Timings, If Present.

  • Select a monitor: Select which monitor to use from the drop-down list in the Multiple Monitors area.

  • Set performance options: Enable or disable graphics acceleration features. Check the Use hardware graphics acceleration option unless your presentation isn’t working properly.