How to Present a PowerPoint 2003 Slide Show - dummies

How to Present a PowerPoint 2003 Slide Show

By Doug Lowe

Part of PowerPoint 2003 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

PowerPoint 2003 is all about helping you create slideshow presentations. The end product is the PowerPoint presentation itself, and the following table shows you which keys to push to start, stop, go back, and otherwise present your slides:

To Do This … Use This … To Do This … Use This …
Start a slide show F5 Display a white screen W
Advance to the next slide N End a slide show Escape
Perform the next animation Enter, Page Down, right arrow, down arrow, or spacebar Go to the next hidden slide H
Go back to the previous slide P Display a pen pointer Ctrl+P
Repeat the previous animation Page Up, left arrow, up arrow, or backspace key Display an arrow pointer Ctrl+A
Go to a specific slide Type the slide number and then press Enter Hide the pointer Ctrl+H
Display a black screen B