How to Find a Word with the PowerPoint 2007 Thesaurus - dummies

How to Find a Word with the PowerPoint 2007 Thesaurus

By Peter Weverka

If a word you need in your PowerPoint presentation is on the tip of your tongue but you can’t quite remember it, give PowerPoint’s Thesaurus a shot. To find synonyms for a word on a PowerPoint slide, start by right-clicking the word and choosing Synonyms on the shortcut menu.


To search for a good synonym, click the word in question and open the Thesaurus on the Research task pane with one of these techniques:

  • Press Shift+F7.

  • Right-click the word and choose Synonyms→Thesaurus.

  • Go to the Review tab and click the Thesaurus button.

The Research task pane offers a list of synonyms:

  • Choose a synonym: Move the pointer over the synonym you want, open its drop-down list, and choose Insert.

  • Find a synonym for a synonym: If a synonym intrigues you, click it. The task pane displays a new list of synonyms.

  • Search for antonyms: If you can’t think of the right word, try typing its antonym in the Search for box and then looking for an “antonym of an antonym” in the Research task pane.

  • Revisit a word list: Click the Back button as many times as necessary. If you go back too far, you can always click its companion Forward button.