How to Create a Self-Running Presentation in PowerPoint 2007

By Peter Weverka

Before you can self-run a presentation, you have to tell PowerPoint that you want it to self-run. Self-running PowerPoint presentations don’t have the control buttons in the lower-left corner. You can’t click the screen or press a key to move forward or backward to the next or previous slide. The only control you have over a self-running presentation is pressing the Esc key. Pressing Esc ends the presentation.

Follow these steps to make yours a kiosk-style, self-running presentation:

  1. Click the Slide Show tab.

  2. Click the Set Up Slide Show button.

    You see the Set Up Show dialog box.

    Make a presentation self-running in this dialog box.
    Make a presentation self-running in this dialog box.
  3. Under Show Type, select the Browsed at a Kiosk (Full Screen) option.

    When you select this option, PowerPoint automatically selects the Loop Continuously Until ‘Esc’ option.

  4. Make sure that the Using Timings, If Present option button is selected.

    The previous section in this chapter explains how to declare how long you want each slide to remain on-screen in a self-running presentation.

  5. Click OK.

    That’s all there is to it.