How to Add Hyperlinks to a PowerPoint Presentation - dummies

How to Add Hyperlinks to a PowerPoint Presentation

Audio Transcript

When you’re working in Microsoft PowerPoint, you can attach material that resides outside of the PowerPoint presentation by using hyperlinks. With hyperlinks you can link part of your presentation
to another slide within the same presentation, a separate PowerPoint presentation, a web site, an email address or another file, like a Word document. There’s a lot you can do and I’m going to
demonstrate just a few of the hyperlink options.

First, I’m going to link an element in my presentation to another slide later in the presentation. In this case, I’m going to create a hyperlink for the link in this picture. I’ll just click on
the picture to highlight it, then go up to the insert tab in the top navigation and select the option to hyperlink from the links group.

In the dialog box, here on the left side, you can see the PowerPoint gives you four different options for linking. You can link to a separate file or web page, to a different place in this
document, to a new document that you create or to an email address. I’m going to link the picture to another slide, so I’ll choose the second option and then select the slide I want to link to and
click ok. Now it doesn’t look like anything has changed with my slide so I need to test it by clicking up here on the slide show tab, in the top navigation and telling it to run the presentation from
the current slide. You can see when I move the cursor over the picture, the arrow turns into a little hand, indicating that it’s a hyperlink and if I click on the picture, I jump to the other slide
in the presentation that I linked to.

Another thing you can do is link to a file outside of your presentation. So, I’m going to hit escape to go back to my normal view and then click over to another slide and add a hyperlink there to
a word document.

This time I’m going to link the table, which is actually a jpeg image, so I’ll click on the element that I want to link to and go back up to the insert tab in the top menu. I’ll choose the
hyperlink button again and this time I’m going to select the first option, for existing file or web page and navigate my way to the file that I need. I’ll select that file and click ok.

And now I can test it by going up to the top menu again and choosing the slide show tab, then starting from the current slide. Here again you can see the cursor turns into a little hand as I hover
over the picture and when I click, it actually launches another application to display the linked file. Okay, I’m going to hit escape to exit out of here one more time and I’m going to add one more
link to my presentation.

This time I’m going to link to a web page, so I’ll click on the thumb nail for the slide that I want to embed my link in and one more time select the source for my link. Back up to insert the
hyperlink and this time I’ll select the same option to insert an existing file or web page, but instead of choosing a file, I’m going to enter the URL for the web page down here at the bottom and
click ok. So let me do a quick preview to see if that worked. There you go, straight to the web page.

If you ever decide you want to undo a hyperlink, you can just highlight the source again and in the insert tab when you click hyperlink; select the button that says remove hyperlink. And that’s how you insert hyperlinks into a PowerPoint presentation.