Embellish Your PowerPoint 2007 Chart - dummies

Embellish Your PowerPoint 2007 Chart

By Doug Lowe

PowerPoint enables you to add titles, labels, legends, and more to your PowerPoint charts. The easiest way to add these elements to a PowerPoint chart is by selecting a chart layout. However, you can create a unique chart layout by adding these elements individually.

To do that, select the chart to reveal the Chart Tools ribbon tabs, then select the Layout tab.

The Layout tab.
The Layout tab.

The Shapes group on this tab lets you insert a picture, shape, or text box

The Labels group on the Layout tab lets you add labels to your chart:

  • Chart titles: Describes the chart’s contents.

  • Axis titles: Describes the meaning of each chart axis.

  • Legends: A legend identifies the data series that appear in the chart. Click the Legend button to see options for legend placement.

    Format the chart legend.
    Format the chart legend.
  • Data Labels: Add labels to the data points on the chart. For maximum control over the data labels, choose More Data Label Options to display the Format Labels dialog box.

    Format your labels.
    Format your labels.
  • Data Table: Shows the data used to create a chart.

The Axes group on the Layout tab includes two controls:

  • Axes: Most charts include an X-axis, and the Y-axis. For 3-D charts, a Z-axis.

  • Gridlines: Gridlines make it easier to judge the position of each dot, bar, or line plotted by the chart. You can turn gridlines on or off via the Gridlines button.

The Background group on the Layout tab includes the controls for formatting parts of the chart background:

  • Plot area: Formats the background of the main area of the chart.

  • Chart wall: Controls the wall’s format.

  • Chart floor: Control the floor’s format.

  • 3-D View: Controls the rotation and other aspects of the 3-D display.