Draw on Your PowerPoint 2007 Slides - dummies

Draw on Your PowerPoint 2007 Slides

By Doug Lowe

PowerPoint has powerful drawing tools for creating drawings on your PowerPoint slides. The following section include general tips for drawing pictures.

  • Zoom in: Increase the zoom factor so that you can draw more accurately by using the zoom slider located in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Before you change the zoom factor to edit an object, select the object that you want to edit.

  • Display the ruler: To line up things precisely, turn the ruler on by opening the View tab in the Ribbon and selecting the Ruler check box (found in the Show/Hide group).

    PowerPoint with the rulers on.
    PowerPoint with the rulers on.

When you work with drawing objects, PowerPoint formats the ruler so that zero is at the middle of the slide.

  • Stick to the color scheme: Let solid objects default to the color scheme’s fill color or, if you must change the fill color, change it to one of the alternative colors provided by the scheme. If you change the color scheme later, the fill color for objects changes to reflect the new fill color.

  • Save frequently: You don’t want to spend two hours working on an important drawing only to lose it all just because lightning strikes your building. Prevent loss by pressing Ctrl+S frequently as you work.

  • Don’t forget Ctrl+Z: You’re never more than one keystroke away from erasing a mistake. If you forget to group a complex picture before trying to move it, you can always press Ctrl+Z to undo your last action.