Choose a Text Font in Your PowerPoint 2007 Presentation

By Doug Lowe

If you don’t like the text font that is used in your PowerPoint 2007 presentation, you can switch to a different font. To change the font for existing text, follow these steps:

  1. Select the text.

  2. Click the arrow next to the Font control (found in the Font group of the Home tab) and choose the font that you want to use. You can also get to the font list by pressing Ctrl+Shift+F. Then you can use the up- or down-arrow keys to choose the font you want to use.

    Choose a font from the Font group on the PowerPoint Ribbon.
    Choose a font from the Font group on the PowerPoint Ribbon.

Here is a gaggle of additional points to ponder concerning fonts:

  • Although you can change the font from the Font dialog box, the Font control on the Ribbon displays the font, so you can see what it looks like before you apply it to your text. In contrast, the Font dialog box displays the name of each font by using the standard Windows system font.

  • If you want to change the font for all the slides in your presentation, switch to Slide Master View and then change the font.

  • PowerPoint automatically moves the fonts that you use the most to the head of the font list. This feature makes picking your favorite font even easier.

  • Don’t mix more than two or three typefaces on a slide, and use fonts consistently throughout the presentation.

  • You can also set the font for the presentation’s theme.