Using Dynamic Guides to Align PowerPoint for Mac Objects - dummies

Using Dynamic Guides to Align PowerPoint for Mac Objects

By Bob LeVitus

One PowerPoint 2008 for Mac feature you may find handy is Dynamic Guides. Dynamic Guides are alignment tools that appear only when you need them. When you drag an object or objects on a slide, the Dynamic Guides try to determine what other objects on the slide you might want to align them with. For example, in the figure, Object B is being dragged from the middle of the slide toward the right corner. The Dynamic Guides are the lines indicating that if Object B is dropped now, its top, middle, and bottom will be aligned with Object A.


Dynamic Guides are already turned on by default, but to make sure that they’re active on your Mac, choose View→Guides and make sure that the Dynamic Guides item has a check mark next to it. This command is a toggle, so if Dynamic Guides already has a check mark, the Dynamic Guides feature is turned on. If it doesn’t already have a check mark, select it, and the check mark will appear.

If the slide has only one object, the Dynamic Guides will attempt to align it with the middle of the slide.