Open the PowerPoint Presentation Gallery in Office 2011 for Mac - dummies

Open the PowerPoint Presentation Gallery in Office 2011 for Mac

By Geetesh Bajaj, James Gordon

The default behavior for opening PowerPoint 2011 for Mac is to display the All Themes option of the PowerPoint Presentation Gallery. You can also display this Presentation Gallery by choosing File→New from Template or by pressing Shift-Command-P.


The first two themes in the All Templates category are White and Black, themes that you use to start a new, blank presentation. The rest of the themes and templates are categorized, searchable, and can be browsed, so you can always find a great theme or template to use or customize. The Presentation Gallery also offers these tools:

  • Show/Hide Right Pane: Choose to show or hide the Template preview.

  • Themes section of left pane

    • All: Displays all themes stored on your computer.

    • My Themes: Displays themes you saved on your computer. You can choose from theme color sets and theme fonts installed with PowerPoint or your own color sets and fonts.

  • Templates section of left pane

    • All: Displays all templates stored on your computer.

    • My Templates: Displays templates you saved in the My Templates folder, specified in Word’s (not PowerPoint’s) preferences.

    • Guided Methods: Ready-made presentations that inform; include great tips.

    • Presentations: Many great templates are included with Office.

  • Online Templates: Click the disclosure triangle next to Online Templates to display the many categories of templates accessed from Microsoft’s online template collections.

  • Search online and local templates: Search templates includes online templates if the online disclosure triangle has been activated.

  • Preview: Displays a preview of the template selected in the larger pane.

  • Recent Presentations: In the gallery, up to one month’s worth of recently opened presentations are available.

    Set the number of recently used presentations visible in the File menu by choosing PowerPoint→Preferences→General. Be sure the Track Recently Opened Documents check box is selected and then use the spinner control to set how many documents to display in Open Recent. Recently used items in the File menu do not disappear after a month.

  • Show/Hide Recent Presentations: This toggle button displays or hides the Recent Files section of the gallery.

  • Don’t Show This Gallery When Opening PowerPoint: When this option is selected, the PowerPoint Presentation Gallery will not display when PowerPoint is opened.

  • Size: Drag the slider left and right to change the size of previews in the middle pane. Click the icon on the left end to choose the smallest size. Click the icon on the right end of the slider to choose the largest.

Move the mouse cursor over the thumbnail to see mini previews of the slides contained in a template or theme.