Office 2011 for Mac: Using PowerPoint’s Slide Master View

By Geetesh Bajaj, James Gordon

Office 2011 for Mac has a slew of handy PowerPoint features. Use Slide Master view to add, remove, arrange, and format elements on your Slide Master and Slide Layouts. A Slide Master and each Slide Layout can be given its own name (right-click the respective thumbnails, and choose Rename Slide Master or Rename Layout).

Applying Theme Colors and Fonts in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac

The Slide Master tab of the Ribbon begins with the Themes group. If you want your master or layout to follow a Theme Color or Font scheme, choose these options in the Themes group:

  • Colors: Displays a pop-up menu listing all Theme Color sets.

  • Fonts: Displays a pop-up menu of Theme Font sets.

You can apply direct formatting to objects by selecting them and then formatting them by means of options within the Ribbon tabs or conventional menus.

Adding a new set of masters in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac

A presentation is not limited to a single Slide Master. To add a new Slide Master, click the New Master button in the Slide Master group on the Slide Master tab of the Ribbon. The new master appears with a default set of Slide Layouts beneath the default Slide Master. Scroll down the thumbnails pane to see this complete set of unformatted masters. If you format the new Slide Master, the formatting affects the new Slide Layouts, but not your other Slide Masters or their Slide Layouts.

Drag layouts and masters up and down in the left pane to reorder them.

Choosing Slide Master Elements in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac

By default, a Slide Master has one each of the following elements (placeholders): Title, Date and Time, Footer, Slide Number, and Body. The idea is that you select an element and then position and format it so that the formatting cascades to the master’s Slide Layouts and any slides that use those layouts. In the Edit Master group of the Slide Master tab of the Ribbon, click the Master Elements button while viewing the Slide Master. You will see that the Master Elements are all on by default, and are grayed out because you would normally leave them on. These placeholders on a Master Slide are replicated when you add a new Slide Layout.

Don’t click the Delete button in the Slide Master group of the Slide Master tab to delete a slide element — that button deletes the entire Slide Master or Slide Layout. Of course if you have just one Slide Master in your presentation, that button will be grayed out.