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Office 2011 for Mac: Sharing Your PowerPoint Presentation

By Geetesh Bajaj, James Gordon

You can share the presentations you build in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac in many different ways. Each one is best for specific circumstances and scenarios. Know your audience members and combine that knowledge with your requirements to choose an appropriate distribution method.

Distributing in PowerPoint format

Microsoft Office is one of the most widely installed software suites for both Mac and Windows users. That means your audience probably already has PowerPoint. Distributing in PowerPoint format is the highest-quality option to play your slide show on another computer. Use PowerPoint format to disseminate your presentation whenever possible.

Distributing your slide show as a movie

If you want to distribute your presentation as a movie, choosing File→Save As Movie just doesn’t cut it. It won’t save audio, animations, or embedded movies the same as it would if you played the slide show. The solution is to record a screen capture of your presentation using software such as Ambrosia’s SnapZPro or TechSmith’s Camtasia. The secret is to play the presentation in a window rather than at full screen so that the movie file of your presentation is no larger than it needs to be.

Here’s how to set up PowerPoint to play in a window instead of full-screen:

  1. Click the Ribbon’s Slide Show tab, and in the Set Up group, click Set Up Show; alternatively, choose Slide Show→Set Up Show from the menu bar.

  2. In the Set Up Show dialog, in the Show Type section, choose Browsed by an Individual (Window).

  3. Click OK to close the Set Up Show dialog.

When you’re ready to record your presentation, set your screen capture program to record the screen area of just the PowerPoint window. See the instructions for your screen capture software to adjust capture quality.

Sending directly to iPhoto

An especially fun option is to send your PowerPoint slides to iPhoto. PowerPoint talks directly with iPhoto, so the process works very nicely.

Follow these steps to turn your presentation into a new iPhoto album:

  1. (Optional) With your presentation open in Slide Sorter view, select the slides you want to send to iPhoto.

  2. Choose File→Share→Send To→iPhoto from the menu bar.

  3. In the New Album Name text box, enter a name for your new album.

  4. From the Format pop-up menu, choose JPEG or PNG.

  5. Select either All (the entire presentation) or Selected to tell PowerPoint which slides to export to iPhoto.

  6. Click the Send to iPhoto button.

    PowerPoint prepares your slides and gives them to iPhoto, which creates a new album and presents the slides to you.


Sending PowerPoint shows by e-mail

You can send a presentation by e-mail in two ways. For small presentation files, you can send a presentation using the traditional (if not always reliable) method of attaching the file to an e-mail message. The new, better way is to send a link to your presentation on SkyDrive.

If your presentation is larger than 5MB, or you prefer to avoid potential problems of sending your presentation as an e-mail attachment, the alternative is to save the presentation to SkyDrive or SharePoint and then e-mail a link to the presentation rather than the presentation itself. This requires a bit of preparation in that you must first set permissions on your SkyDrive or SharePoint server so that your audience has access to the presentation file.