Office 2011 for Mac: Set Up PowerPoint Presentations with the Ribbon

By Geetesh Bajaj, James Gordon

To set up your PowerPoint 2011 for Mac slide show using the Ribbon, you use the Set Up group. Click the Ribbon’s Slide Show to access the Set Up group. Choose from these options:


  • Action Settings: Select an object and then click this button to display the Action Settings dialog.

  • Hide Slide: Select one or more slides and then click this button to hide them. When the show plays, the hidden slides will be skipped. When hidden, slides have a slashed circle on them and are dimmed in the Slides list and in Slide Sorter view. To unhide a slide, select it and then click the Hide Slide button again.

  • Set Up Show: A shortcut to the Set Up Show dialog.

  • Play Narrations: When selected, your narrations will play when you play the slide show. Deselect this check box, and your show plays without recorded narrations.

  • Use Timings: When selected, the slide transition timings you have applied will be used while the show runs. Deselect this check box to manually advance your slide show.

  • Show Media Controls: By default, your audio and video set to On Click displays a volume control and you can drag the progress bar. Deselect this check box to disable the controls so you actually have to click a sound icon or the poster frame of a movie clip to play your content.

  • Mirror Show: Choose this option to not show Presenter View, and play your show on multiple displays at once.