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Office 2011 for Mac: Present a PowerPoint Presentation to a Live Audience

By Geetesh Bajaj, James Gordon

Near the beginning of each PowerPoint 2011 for Mac presentation, after describing what you’re going to talk about, afford the audience members a brief opportunity to tell you what they expect from your presentation. You might need to adjust what you were planning to say to accommodate the audience’s wishes.

Tailor your content to make the best use of the audience’s time. Try to imagine you’re in the audience looking at your show. Decide what material you want to include and exclude and how you would like to see it presented. Tell your story and please the audience. Thoughtful preparation can make you look brilliant.

Know your tools

You can use PowerPoint 2011 in many scenarios. The most common is for a presenter to be in front of an audience using a projector and sound system. If you present this way often and you present in various locations, treat yourself to a late-model MacBook Pro with lots of RAM. Carry an assortment of audio and video cables.

Knowing that you’ve put together a good presentation and that you’re acquainted with the tools available to you goes a long way to taking the stress out of presenting. Visit your presentation room ahead of time, if possible, and try out the equipment. Instead of focusing on gizmos and hardware during the show, you’ll be able to focus on your audience, which is fun and why you’re here.

Choosing a clicker

Remotes are available for you as a presenter. As a presenter, you use a remote to advance the slide show. You can even use specialized software and audience response keypads known as clickers so that your audience can actively participate with you in your presentation.

For presenting a show, you can use a variety of methods to play slides and animations. The most obvious, of course, is to simply click the mouse button. Depending upon your equipment, you can use an Apple Remote or other brand of remote.