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Office 2011 for Mac: Organize PowerPoint Presentations with Slide Sorter View

By Geetesh Bajaj, James Gordon

Office 2011 for Mac includes PowerPoint, an essential tool for presentations. The Slide Sorter view in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac (choose View→Slide Sorter) is used for several purposes. You can use it to do the following tasks:

  • Organize and reorder your slides by dragging them into the proper order.

  • Organize your presentation by grouping slides into separate sections.

  • Organize your presentation as a storyboard.

  • Copy, paste, duplicate, and delete slides.

  • Select sequential or nonsequential slides.

  • Hide and show selected slides.

  • Control transition effects that play when your presentation advances from one slide to the next.

  • Set and adjust slide timings.


Selecting slides in your presentation in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac

Here are some guidelines that can help you select slides in Slide Sorter view:

  • To select one slide, click the slide.

  • To select a range of slides, hold the (left) mouse button down while you drag across and over slides like a marquee. Dragging in a diagonal direction can be helpful.

  • To select a contiguous range of slides, click the first slide, hold down the shift key and then click the last slide.

  • To select multiple, noncontiguous slides, hold the Command key down and then click the slides you want to select.

  • To select all the slides in the presentation, press Command-A or choose Edit→Select All, or click the All Slides button on the Ribbon.

  • To select all but a few slides, first select them all and then Command-click individual slides to deselect them.

Changing slide order

Changing the slide order is drag-and-drop easy. Just select one or more slides and then drag them in front of the slide where you want them inserted. As you drag, the slides rearrange themselves.

Inserting, copying, pasting, and deleting PowerPoint slides

Here are three ways to add a new slide following the active slide in your presentation:

  • Click the Ribbon’s Home tab. In the Slides group, and click New Slide.

  • Choose Insert→New Slide.

  • Press Command-Shift-N.

Copying, cutting, and pasting is very intuitive. To copy, select one or more slides and use any common copy method, such as choosing Edit→Copy or pressing Command-C. Click at the desired insertion point and then choose Edit→Paste or press Command-V. Of course, you can use the Scrapbook as well. You can cut (deleting the selected object and placing it on the Clipboard) by choosing Edit→Cut or pressing Command-X. To delete one or more slides, select them in Slide Sorter view or in the slides pane of Normal view and then press the Delete key. You can click between the thumbnails to set the insertion point between two slides if you want to paste a slide at a specific position.