Office 2011 for Mac: Apply Animation Effects to a PowerPoint Presentation

By Geetesh Bajaj, James Gordon

PowerPoint 2011 for Mac helps you present rich media content that complements the points you make while you give a presentation. Animation and transitions help your presentation flow, just as they do in movies and television programs.

Here’s the general procedure to make something move in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac:

  1. Select an object on a slide. This includes text, pictures, shapes, or anything that can be selected on the slide in Normal view.

  2. Choose an animation effect on the Animations tab of the Ribbon.

  3. Choose options for the applied animation effect on the Animations tab of the Ribbon or on the Custom Animations tab of the Toolbox.

Each effect offers different customization options depending upon the kind of object you’re working with. You can format bulleted lists to come in as individual lines, letters, or all at once. You can animate charts by series or category.

You can apply more than one animation effect to a given object. You can apply effects to some or all objects on a slide. You can choose one object or you can select multiple objects and apply an effect to them. You control the speed of each effect and the sequence in which effects are played. Change the order of the entrance, emphasis, and exit of slide objects easily in Normal view or with the Toolbox. You can add animation while working in Slide Master view, as well.

To access the Custom Animations tab of the Toolbox, choose View→Toolbox/Custom Animation from the menu bar.