How to Use the Format Painter to Change the Look of PowerPoint 2007 Text

By Peter Weverka

When you’re in a hurry to change the look of text and reformat paragraphs on your PowerPoint 2007 slides, consider using the PowerPoint Format Painter. This nifty tool works something like a paintbrush. You drag it over text to copy formats from one place to another. Follow these instructions to use the Format Painter:

1Click a place on a slide whose text and paragraph formats you want to copy elsewhere.

Click anywhere within the text and paragraph formats that you want to use again.

2On the Home tab, double-click the Format Painter button.

You can find this button in the Clipboard group. The pointer changes into a paintbrush. Unless you double-click the Format Painter button, you can’t copy format to more than one place.

3Drag the pointer across the part of a slide to which you want to copy the formats.