How to Use Text and Text Boxes in PowerPoint on an iPad - dummies

How to Use Text and Text Boxes in PowerPoint on an iPad

By Peter Weverka

All text on PowerPoint slides is kept inside text boxes. Most slides come with preformatted text boxes to make entering text easier on your iPad. When you tap text on a slide, its text box appears to show you’ve selected it. What’s more, a popover menu for handling slide text appears as well.

Text on slides appears in text boxes.
Text on slides appears in text boxes.

Entering and editing text on slides

Follow these steps to enter or edit text on a slide:

  1. Tap the text box where you want to enter or edit text.

    Black lines and selection handles appear on the corners and sides of the text box to show it is selected. Meanwhile, a popover menu appears.

  2. Choose Edit Text on the popover menu.

    The keyboard appears so that you can enter or edit text.

  3. Enter or edit the text in the text box.

    As you enter and edit text, you can use the text‐formatting commands on the Home tab to make it look just so.

Choose Delete on the popover menu to delete all the text in a text box.

Creating a text box

Most slides come with text boxes for holding text. Enter a text box of your own to place text on a slide where you will. Follow these steps to create a text box:

  1. Go to the Insert tab or the Home tab.

  2. Tap the Text Box button.

    A text box appears.

Manipulating text boxes

Tap to select a text box and then follow these steps to move, resize, or rotate it:

  • Moving: Drag the text box across the slide.

  • Resizing: Drag a selection handle on the side or corner of the text box.

  • Rotating: Drag the rotation handle.