How to Use a Picture as the Table Background in PowerPoint 2007

By Peter Weverka

PowerPoint offers two ways to make a picture part of a table: make the picture appear behind the table or make the picture appear in every table cell. A picture can look nice as the background in a PowerPoint table. To make it work, however, you need the right graphic. Your audience must be able to read the table text, and that usually means choosing a white or light font color for text so that the text can be read over the graphic.

To place a picture behind the table, follow these steps:

1Select the (Table Tools) Design tab, open the Table Styles gallery.

Once there, choose Clear Table.

2Click anywhere in the table.

To place a picture within cells, rather than as the entire background, select the cells.

3On the (Table Tools) Design tab, open the drop-down list on the Shading button and choose Table Background→Picture.

To insert the Picture in cells, choose Shading—Picture.

4Select a picture and click the Insert button.

You may have to resize your table to keep the picture from being warped.