How to Draw Simple Geometric Shapes on a PowerPoint 2007 Slide

By Doug Lowe

PowerPoint 2007 drawing tools make it easy to draw variety of shapes on your PowerPoint slides. To draw a rectangle on your PowerPoint slide, follow these steps:

1Click the Insert tab, click the Shape buttons (in the Illustrations group), then click the Rectangle button.

Its one of the first options you’ll see.

2Point the cursor to where you want one corner of the rectangle to be positioned.

You can start at any of the rectangle’s corners you’d prefer, and move up or down, left or right.

3Click and drag to where you want the opposite corner of the rectangle to be positioned.

Just click and drag to position your rectangle.

4Release the mouse button.

You can adjust the size or shape of a rectangle or circle by clicking it and dragging any of its love handles.