How to Create a PowerPoint 2007 SmartArt Diagram

By Doug Lowe

The easiest way to create a PowerPoint SmartArt diagram is to create a new PowerPoint slide and enter a bulleted list and then convert it to SmartArt. First create your slide using the Title and Content layout, then follow these steps:

1Type a bulleted list.

Use one or two levels of bullets, but keep the list concise.

2Right-click anywhere in the list and choose Convert to SmartArt.

A menu of SmartArt diagram types appears. Select the SmartArt type you want to use.

3(Optional) Click More SmartArt Graphics.

The Choose a SmartArt Graphic dialog box opens and box lets you choose from many SmartArt diagram types.

4Click OK.

The diagram is created. You can edit the diagram to meet your needs.