How to Animate a PowerPoint 2007 Chart - dummies

By Peter Weverka

Rather than have your PowerPoint chart be static on the screen, you can animate it to make it arrive in parts on your PowerPoint slide. PowerPoint lets you make the data series fly in one at a time, for example, or make the categories fade in one at a time. Select your chart and follow these steps to animate parts of a PowerPoint chart:

1Click the Animations tab.

The Animations Tab contains three groups of controls: Preview, Animations, and Transition to This Slide.

2Open the Animate drop-down list.

If you don’t see the animation you want, click Custom animation. There you can choose from various entrance, emphasis, and exit effects and even create your own motion path.

3Select an animation option for your chart.

You can create more than one animation for any given object. For example you can give an object an entrance effect, apply change color emphasis effect, and then apply Spiral Out exit effect.