How to Add, Reorder, and Remove Slides in PowerPoint on an iPad

By Peter Weverka

Tapping a slide in PowerPoint’s Slides pane displays the slide in the Slide window on your iPad. Tapping a second time opens a popover menu for reordering and removing slides. Use this popover menu and the New Slide command to manipulate slides. These pages explain how to add, reorder, and remove slides.

Tap a slide in the Slides pane to manipulate slides.
Tap a slide in the Slides pane to manipulate slides.

Adding a new slide

  1. Select the slide that you want the new slide to go after.

    To select a slide, tap it in the Slides pane.

  2. Go to the Insert tab if you aren’t already there.

  3. Tap the New Slide button.

    The New Slide drop‐down menu opens. It offers slide layouts for creating slides.

  4. Choose a slide layout.

    Your new slide appears in the Slide window.

Reordering the slides in a presentation

Follow these steps to move a slide in a presentation:

  1. In the Slides pane, place your finger on the slide you want to move.

  2. Leave your finger on the slide until the thumbnail changes size slightly.

  3. Drag the slide to a new location in the Slides pane.

Removing a slide from a presentation

To remove a slide, double‐tap it in the Slides pane to open the popover menu for manipulating slides. Then choose Delete on the popover menu