Adjust and Style Movies in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac

By Geetesh Bajaj, James Gordon

Have you ever wished you could make brightness, contrast, and other adjustments to a movie as easily as you could to a picture? In Office 2011 for Mac, PowerPoint has just granted your wish! Use the Format Movie tab’s Adjust group to make these kinds of adjustments to your movie:


  • Corrections: Click to display a gallery of brightness and contrast options. Choose an option or choose Movie Corrections Options to display the Adjust Movie tab of the Format Movie dialog.

  • Color: When clicked, displays a gallery of color tints you can apply to the movie. Select a tint or choose an option:

    • More Colors: Displays the Mac OS X color picker. Yes, you can choose any tint color you like from millions of colors.

    • Movie Color Options: Displays the Adjust Movie tab of the Format Movie dialog.

  • Crop: Choose from the complete set of Crop and Mask options. They work the same for a movie as for a picture.

  • Reset: Removes all adjustments you have made to the movie.

In the Format Movie dialog, you can fine-tune your settings.


You can also apply a movie style in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac. The Movie Format tab of the Ribbon has a Movie Styles group, where you can apply wonderful borders, 3-D, reflection, glow styles, and shadow styles to your movie. Choose a style from the gallery, which you scroll by clicking the scroll button arrows at the left and right side of the gallery, as shown. Or, click the “sweet spot” at the bottom of the gallery to display a palette where you can choose from all styles at once.