Adding Images and Sounds to PowerPoint for Mac Slides - dummies

Adding Images and Sounds to PowerPoint for Mac Slides

By Bob LeVitus

Your PowerPoint presentation doesn’t need to be silent or just text in Office 2008 for Mac. You can add an image, movie, or even a sound to your presentation. Adding media to your presentation is easy, just drag an image file, movie file, or sound file from the Finder onto the slide you want it to appear upon. A dialog appears, asking whether you want this “movie” to start automatically when this slide appears or only after you click it. If you choose Automatically, when this slide comes on the screen during your presentation, the sound you added will be heard.


If you prefer to trigger the sound or movie manually, click the media badge and the controller when the slide appears on screen during the presentation.


You add a still image to a slide the same way — just drag the file onto the slide. The only difference is that there is no media controller for a still picture.