How to Practice So That Your Dictation Will Be Flawless

By Stephanie Diamond

Practice makes perfect. When you first get started, you may be unclear about how to dictate add-in punctuation and formatting. As a test, try to speak the following dictation using the DragonPad with the punctuation and formatting you think you want. Then you can dictate it into Dragon Professional Individual.

  1. Go to Tools→DragonPad.

    Make sure the microphone is on and the cursor is in the open text box.

  2. Begin dictating the following:

    “As of 9 o’clock AM on January 1, 2015, the following is applicable:

    For use with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12, there is an extension called Rich Internet Application (RIA extensions). One browser you can use with it is Internet Explorer version 9 (32 bit only).”

Here’s how your dictation could have sounded:

Open Quote As of nine o’clock Caps On AM Caps Off on January first twenty fifteen the following is applicable Colon New Paragraph.

For use with Caps On Dragon Naturally Speaking Caps Off twelve there is an extension called Caps On Rich Internet Applications Caps Off Open Paren RIA extensions Close Paren Period One browser you can use with it is Caps On Internet Explorer Caps Off version 9 Open Paren 32 bit only Close Paren PeriodClose Quote

How did you do? If you didn’t get it exactly as you would like, don’t worry. You’ll be an expert in no time.