How to Insert Graphics into Dragon Professional Individual Commands

By Stephanie Diamond

You can insert a graphic in Dragon Professional Individual with a command. To get started, find a graphic that you want to insert into documents. This could be maps, scanned images, and so forth. For this example, a logo is used:

  1. Copy your logo from your files using Windows, right-click Copy, or say, “Select That” and then say, “Copy That.”

  2. Create a new command and choose a memorable name.

    In this example, call it “Digital Logo.”

    When you are at the open window, paste the logo into the window by saying, “Paste That,” as shown.

    Making a logo available for insertion into documents.
    Making a logo available for insertion into documents.
  3. Click Save.

  4. Test the logo command you made by opening a document and saying, “Insert Digital Logo.”

    The logo should be pasted into your document.

If you are pasting a very large graphic into the window, it helps to first enlarge the window into which you are pasting the graphic, so that you can see the whole item you are pasting.