Writing a White Paper Business Plan

By Stephen L. Nelson

There are many sources of information, including QuickBooks 2012, on the process of writing white paper business plan. Within the QuickBooks 2012 software, choose the Company→Planning & Budgeting→Use Business Plan Tool command to start a wizard that steps you through the process of writing a white paper business plan.

You can also get detailed information on writing a business plan in both English and Spanish from the U.S. federal government Small Business Administration’s website.

The following illustration shows the home page of the Small Business Administration’s website. You’ll find this page easiest to get to (because all you need is the domain name), so you may want to start your exploration of the SBA’s business planning resources here.


If you click the Starting and Managing a Business link and then choose Writing a Business Plan from the list of links displayed, you see first a page of information that the Small Business Administration’s website offers about writing a business plan.


It provides links to additional pages of detailed information about the process of writing a business plan, such as a page that provides advice on doing strategic planning and a page that supplies step-by-step instructions for the actual work of writing your plan. The following illustration shows the Templates for Writing a Business Plan page, for example. This page appears if you click the Templates for Writing a Business Plan link (duh).


The Small Business Administration’s website changes, predictably, but you should be able to hunt down its links to relevant business planning topics, such as “business plan basics,” “writing the plan,” and “using the plan.”