Using the ALT Key in QuickBooks - dummies

Using the ALT Key in QuickBooks

Part of QuickBooks For Dummies Cheat Sheet (Australian Edition)

Every command in QuickBooks includes an underlined letter. To execute these commands, just press the Alt key, followed by each relevant letter. Here’s an example:

Keystrokes Result
Alt+B+I Goes to the Banking menu, followed by Import Bank
Alt+C+T Goes to the Company menu, followed by the To Do List

You can also combine (press together) the Alt key with a few other keyboard tricks to fly around QuickBooks at a rate of knots. For example:

Keystroke combination Destination
Alt-Tab Next field
Alt-Shift-Tab Previous field
Alt-Home Beginning of current field
Alt-End End of current month
Alt-Ctrl-Page Up First item on list or previous month in register
Alt-Ctrl-Page Down Last item on list or next month in register