Using the Chrome Web Store to Enhance QuickBooks Online - dummies

Using the Chrome Web Store to Enhance QuickBooks Online

By Elaine Marmel

QuickBooks Online works well with the Chrome browser. You can enhance the capabilities of Chrome using web apps, plug-ins, and extensions such as calculators, ad blockers, or password managers. These browser-capable enhancers work like software you install on your computer, phone, or tablet, but they typically function within Chrome.

So what exactly is a web app and how does it differ from a plug-in or extension? Honestly, for the purposes of this book, you probably don’t care. But, for better or for worse, here are some simple definitions:

  • Web apps run inside your browser with their own dedicated user interface.
  • Extensions, unlike web apps, do not typically have a user interface. Instead, they extend the functionality of Chrome and the websites you view using Chrome.
  • Plug-ins are similar to extensions in that they extend functionality by helping Chrome process special types of web content, but a plug-in affects only the specific web page that contains it.

So, as you can see, each has a technical definition that distinguishes it from the others, but, for most of us, the bottom line is this: All of them enhance the capabilities of a browser by providing some functionality that the browser does not, inherently, provide.

You can obtain web apps, plug-ins, and extensions from the Chrome Web Store. The Chrome web Store provides tools you can use to search for web apps, plug-ins, and extensions.

Web apps you install should appear on the New Tab page, from which you can launch them. You also can remove a web app by right-clicking it on the New Tab page and then clicking Remove from Chrome.

Extensions run by default when you open Chrome. You can view a list of installed extensions from the Settings page. Choose Chrome Menu →   More Tools →   Extensions to display the installed extensions.

You might want to disable an extension if you suspect it is causing a conflict as you work; uncheck the Enabled check box beside the extension. If the extension proves to be the source of your problem, you can delete it by clicking the trash can icon beside it.

If you click the Get More Extensions link at the bottom of the Extensions page, Chrome opens a new tab and takes you to the Chrome web Store, where it displays, by default, available extensions.

Plug-ins enable certain types of web content that browsers can’t process. When Chrome encounters a plug-in on a web page, Chrome allows the plug-in to perform its function.