Understanding and Using the Free QuickBooks Online Accountant Company

By Elaine Marmel

QBOA users get one free company to use for their own books. To open the company reserved for you, click — yep, you guessed it — Your Books in the Navigation bar, and QBOA opens your company. The interface you see when you open your company looks just like the interface you see when you open any client’s QBO company; remember, this interface varies slightly from what a client using QBO sees.

You can use the free QBOA company to enter your own company’s information using transactions, or if you’ve been tracking your business in desktop QuickBooks, you can, with some limitations, import information from your desktop QuickBooks company.

You can import desktop QuickBooks information, and you can import only list information. If you want to try importing a desktop QuickBooks company. Please note that importing into a regular QBO company has time limits, but importing into the QBOA free company doesn’t.

Be aware that the Your Books company is intended to house the firm’s data, not a client’s data or the data of some other business owned by the QBOA owner. The Your Books company ties into QBOA and updates as clients are added to QBOA. So, if you use it to store the wrong kind of data, that data will be messed up as you add other clients.