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Try an Internet Newsgroup for QuickBooks Help

By Stephen L. Nelson

If your problem with QuickBooks isn’t really a program bug or can’t be easily solved by finding out more about the program, you can sometimes find an answer by consulting other QuickBooks users. One of the easiest ways to do this is to browse the Quicken newsgroup (yes, that’s right, the Quicken newsgroup) or the QuickBooks newsgroup.

To browse either newsgroup — note that the Quicken newsgroup contains both Quicken and QuickBooks information — you use an Internet service provider that supports newsgroups and a newsgroup reader (such as Outlook Express). Assuming that you have these things, you can subscribe to the QuickBooks newsgroup and talk with other QuickBooks users about the problems that you’re encountering.

You may not need this background information, but you might want to know a few important things about newsgroups and community forums. In the case of the newsgroups, a specific organization doesn’t typically support or police newsgroups. For example, Intuit doesn’t maintain or support the Quicken or QuickBooks newsgroup.

Newsgroups, including the Quicken and QuickBooks newsgroups, really amount to free-form — and sometimes unruly — discussions among users. You can’t always expect to have your question answered. Additionally, good newsgroup and forum etiquette suggests that if you ask questions, you should also try to answer questions.