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Troubleshooting QuickBooks 2012: Intuit’s Product-Support System

By Stephen L. Nelson

In addition to the option of using the Intuit QuickBooks 2012 product-support website, you can also get direct product support in a variety of ways:

  • Website: The Intuit website for QuickBooks 2012 is available at Support or by choosing the Help→Support command within QuickBooks, is a rich database of troubleshooting information, as shown in the following illustration.


    To use the site, enter your question or keywords from your question into the Search box at the top of the window and then click Search. The product support website then displays a list of troubleshooting articles that may help solve your problem (as shown in the following illustration).


  • Live support: You can call a real person at Intuit and get personalized help. Intuit offers several different support plans, and the cost varies depending on the plan you choose. The number you call depends on which version of QuickBooks you’re using.

    To see an overview of the different QuickBooks support plans, as well as their prices and phone numbers, poke around the QuickBooks website.

    The QuickBooks phone support may be free if you call with an installation problem, an upgrade problem, or a software bug. Intuit defines the term software bug very narrowly. What you may think of as software bugs may not be software bugs to the Intuit support person.

  • Premium support plan: You can sign up for a premium support plan that gives you unlimited phone support for about $350 a year — and then call a real person at Intuit.

    Premium support could represent a pretty good investment. If you make more than one phone support call a year, you can probably save money with the premium support plan because a single support call can easily last an hour and can become very pricey.

  • Professional advisor: You can contact a QuickBooks professional advisor via the QuickBooks website. In a nutshell, QuickBooks professional advisors are just people (often accountants and consultants) who pay Intuit to be listed on the QuickBooks product-support website. (Some of these people also take a test and pay extra money to be listed as “certified” advisors.)