Tips for Navigating in QuickBooks 2009

By Stephen L. Nelson

Part of QuickBooks 2009 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

QuickBooks 2009 aims to make your accounting life easier, and to that end offers keyboard shortcuts, mouse actions, and other user interface tricks like the ones in the following list:

  • To move quickly to a specific list box entry, press the letter.

  • To select a list box entry and choose a suggested command button for the active dialog box, double-click the entry.

  • To move the insertion point to the beginning of a field, press Home.

  • To move the insertion point to the end of a field, press End.

  • QuickBooks can display a list of open windows in its Open Window list. To move to a listed window, just click it.

  • To display the Open Window list, choose View→Open Window List.

  • To tell QuickBooks to use windows the same way every other program does, choose View→Multiple Windows. Or, to tell QuickBooks to just display the active window, choose View→One Window.