The Find Command on the QuickBooks 2012 Edit Menu - dummies

The Find Command on the QuickBooks 2012 Edit Menu

By Stephen L. Nelson

The Find command on the Edit menu in QuickBooks 2012 displays either the Simple tab of the Find window, or the Advanced tab of the Find window. Both tabs allow you to search through your register and find transactions.


To use the Simple tab, use the Transaction Type, Customer:Job, Date, Invoice #, and Amount boxes to describe the transaction you want. Enter as much information as you can, but note that if you enter incorrect information, QuickBooks (obviously) won’t be able to find the transaction you’re looking for.

After you describe the transaction in as much detail as you can, click the Find button. QuickBooks displays a list of transactions that match your search criteria. To go to a particular transaction, click the transaction in the list and then click the Go To button.


The Advanced tab lets you describe a much more precise and complex set of search criteria. Essentially, you can describe in painful detail a filter that QuickBooks should apply to each field that’s recorded for a transaction.


For example, if you want to filter based on the account, select the account entry from the filter list. Then open the Account drop-down list and select one of the account groupings that QuickBooks displays. Alternatively, you can click the Select Accounts entry.

This displays a dialog box that you can use to select individually the accounts you want to look for. The Include Split Detail button lets you indicate whether you want split detail information. After you describe the filter or filters you want to use, click the Find button.

As with the Simple tab of the Find window, QuickBooks displays a list of all the transactions that match your filter. To go to one of the transactions listed, click it, and then click the Go To button.

The Report button that appears both on the Simple tab and the Advanced tab creates a report of all the transactions that the Find command has found. You can print this report — QuickBooks displays the report in a regular report window — by choosing the File→Print Report command or by clicking the Print button that appears at the top of the Report window.

The Simple and the Advanced tabs of the Find window also include a Reset button. If you want to start your search over by using a new set of search criteria or filtering criteria, you simply click the Reset button.